Hard Drive Data Recovery

Has your hard drive crashed and your data is not accessible? 

The Byte Centre can help you.

We have the latest data recovery software that recovers data from both Mac and PC drives with no physical alteration.

Recovery times can take from hours to weeks depending on the degree of corruption or damage to the drive.

Before we try to recover any data, we try check the hard drive to see if the bad sectors can be recovered. In this way we maximise the chances of recovering data from corrupted or damaged sectors.

For most drives, we can usually recover your data in the original file structure so that restoration is simply a matter of copying back to the same location on the new drive.

However, where this is not possible then it is neccessary to bypass the directory and recover files on a sector by sector basis. This results in data being recovered with default file names. 

Recovery can also be based on file types, so if your pictures are the most important files then we can concentrate on whatever you specify.

Our pricing policy is simple -

No recovery. No Charge.

You don't pay for us to assess the drive.

Where significant data can be recovered ie > 2 Gb, or a specific file or files are recovered successfully, then a minmum charge of $350.00 will apply.

For drives requiring multiple recovery techniques to recover all or a substantial portion of the available data ( > 80% ), a maximum charge of $800.00 will apply.

Where drives have been dropped or are physically damaged, you will need to contact a data recovery service with clean room facilities. 

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